January Lawn Care

January Lawn Care Tips

    • These colder months are excellent to create new landscaping beds, plant trees, shrubs, groundcovers and hardy perennial vines. They will need watering in order to survive, but they can establish some root system prior to our summer heat. Water your lawn, shrubs, annuals, and groundcovers prior to a hard freeze. The water freezes and actually acts as insulation to protect them. You can cover your annuals with a row cover or fabric sheet for further protection. Please do not use plastic sheets as you may burn your plants from too much heat the next day if you fail to remove it in the morning.
      • Your lawn should be dormant after a good freeze. This is a good time to get it prepared for next season. In the early spring your mowing height was shorter, and during the season you probably raised the height. Now you need to get that height back. Cutting at a lower height while your grass is dormant will do a couple of things for you. One, it will look more tidy over the winter at a shorter height. Two, it will prepare the grass to receive the spring sun rays into the root zone easier. This will allow for a quicker and healthier green up in the spring, possibly choking out some weed growth too.
      • Pre-emergent applied now will also aid in reducing next seasons weeds.
      • Clean any dirt etc. off your tools metal parts to avoid rust.
      • Do not hard prune your roses during January. Wait until around Valentines Day.
      • Prep your beds with a thick layer of compost material worked into the present bed soil mix. Done now, this will allow time for the organic material to begin to decompose and will better feed your bed plantings next season. Top this off with the fresh layer of mulch. A good thick layer of mulch will aid in preventing weed seeds from germinating in your bed areas. The mulch will also maintain heat and moisture to help your bedding plants; 3-4 inches of mulch will be adequate. Mulch does biodegrade back into the soil over time and does need to be replenished periodically. Thick mulch will help with weed control to a great extent next growing season also.

      Some projects to consider for your property in the outdoor cooler season:

      1. Do you need a French drain system to keep your property drained? The spring heavy rains WILL come, and time is in short supply once spring hits in March.
      2. Would you like a retaining wall to get more usable space in your yard?
      3. Do your curb trees need limbs removed so cars can park and people can use the sidewalk?
      4. Do other trees need canopies raised or thinned out? Do shrubs need trimming?
      5. Would you like to change the looks of your landscaping?
      • New or redesigned beds installed– new shrubs and or trees planted
      • New bed edging, steel, natural stone, paverstone—new mulch
      • Additional patio space with patio stones, square blocks etc.
      • Create a new outdoor enjoyment area from scratch

      You may consider planning ahead. You might even save some money in the long run.

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