March Lawn Care

March Lawn Care Tips

March is the time that everything wakes up in our lawns. Be prepared, and enjoy the work outdoors while the weather is still very comfortable. Get those projects done now.

  • Remember, the average last killing frost date is March 15th. We could get a killing frost after this date. If you put out tender new flowers too early and we get a hard freeze, you will have a bunch of dead new plantings. We all get excited to plant, but use some caution too! When choosing your plantings, keep in mind we are located on the border of planting zones 7 and 8. A plant meant for zone 10 or zone 4 probably will NOT survive here, so save your money even though it is very pretty at the nursery. Try to get plants, bulbs etc. that were started in Texas or from other states with the same zones; they will perform better here as a result. Annual plants live and die in one season while perennial plants live for more than one season, therefore are a better bargain. Call the Texas Cooperative Extension Office at 817-884-1945 for lists of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees recommended for our area, the information is all free!
  • In your current flower/shrub beds, eliminate the weeds, turn the soil, add organic materials and blend it in to a depth of 4-6 inches. This will prepare it for spring flower planting. For new shrub planting, blend the organics in to a depth of 6-8 inches. Rear tine tillers work well for this task. Now is a good time to plant the shrubs, the roots will have time to spread a bit prior to our summer heat. Top your beds with a good layer of mulch, 2-4 inch minimum.
  • New trees or shrubs planted at this time of year do not have the high watering requirements. This saves you time and money. They can also get their roots spread out a bit prior to the heat we know is coming next summer. This is a great jump start for them.

Some projects to consider for your property in the outdoor cooler season:

  1. Do you need a French drain system to keep your property drained?
  2. Would you like a retaining wall to get more usable space in your yard?
  3. Do your curb trees need limbs removed so cars can park and people can use the sidewalk?
  4. Do other trees need canopies raised or thinned out? Do shrubs need trimming?
  5. Would you like to change the looks of your landscaping?
  6. New or redesigned beds installed– new shrubs and or trees planted
  7. New bed edging, steel, natural stone, paverstone—new mulch
  8. Additional patio space with patio stones, square blocks etc.
  9. Create a new outdoor enjoyment area from scratch.
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