Weed Eater vs. Stick Edger

Grass grows over the concrete at your street curbs, driveway and sidewalks if left alone. Two methods of getting a line to separate the two are with a weedeater and a stick edger.

Using a weedeater involves turning the tool upside down so the string rotates as perpendicular to the concrete as possible. The operator walks along trying to maintain the line of the concrete. Using this method widens the gap between grass and concrete over time, sometimes to the point of a gap several inches wide. While this is a desired condition to some, for most homeowners it is not.

A tool that will keep a consistent gap is called a stickedger. It resembles a weedeater at the motor (engine) section and down the straight shaft. The difference comes at the bottom working part. The stickedger has a steel blade, approx 1/8 inch wide that runs perpendicular to the concrete. It has a roller wheel that rides the concrete for user ease. The gap between grass and concrete should never be wider than the blade no matter how many times the tool is used. The blade has to be replaced periodically but for an average homeowner that could be once per year. Changing the blade is a simple procedure.  If you desire the narrow gap, invest in a stickedger. You’ll be much happier.

Captain Ron’s Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. uses a stick edger to maintain a clean lawn boundary. Let us know if we can help you improve the look of your lawn. We provide lawn service to Watauga, Keller, NRH, areas of Southlake, Ft. Worth and HEB. Check to see if we service your area.


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