Why You Should Start Regular Lawn Mowing Now

The grass has not fully turned green yet. Why should I begin regular lawn mowing? Mow your grass now for several reasons. You need to get your lower grass height back. Last year when the weather got hot you probably raised the height of your mower blades. Now is the time to get your grass back to the lower height.  Lower your blades and mow normally. You will generate excess clippings with this mowing. You can leave them, blow them in piles and bag them or use a mower with a bagger if you choose to.  The lower height will let more sun get to the grass roots to allow for a faster green up. This is good for the health of the grass and it helps reduce the weeds also. Regular weekly lawn mowing is best. Weeds hate to be mowed, so weekly lawn mowing often stops them from producing seed heads and thus the spread over your entire yard.  These dry clippings will also clog your mowers air filters quicker than in the regular mowing season. Take the filters off the mower. Shake them out or blow them out with a blower. Carefully use your finger to get the “dust” away from the hole under the filter that leads to your carburetor.  You do not want to let the dirt go down the hole as that will plug up your carburetor. If you have a foam air filter, you can spray it lightly with air filter oil to help catch more of the fine dirt particles.

Captain Ron's Lawns and Landscaping, Inc.


Captain Ron’s Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. can help you maintain a beautiful lawn this season. Request an estimate now and we can place you on our Spring lawn mowing schedule.


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