April Lawn Care

Frost possibilities are gone. It is time to get outside and plant those flowers and vegetables. Everybody that enjoys yard work loves this month. The temperatures are moderate, the sun feels warm on your face, the grass has turned green again, & the bulbs are blooming. It just smells like spring outside. Avoid the big crowds at the nurseries by shopping after work some evening. The weekend warriors will be out in force and long lines in the garden centers inevitable.
When you begin cutting your lawn this season, remember you want to cut it frequently enough to just remove 1/3 of the blade with each cut. If you let it get too long between cuttings, you will actually do damage to the grass. Make sure you have sharp mower blades to get the best look and do as little damage as possible to the grass blades.

If you have any questions or concern, please call us for a Free Estimate.

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