Do You Have Water Drainage Problems?

Let Captain Ron’s Lawns install a French Drain. The main components are: 4 inch diameter perforated pipe covered with a fabric (sock like) material, downspout connectors, Y connectors, 9 inch square catch basins with grates, pop-up valve, gravel and screened top soil.

The French drain, which flows water downhill, can have several benefits for a home if it is properly constructed.

Remove Excess Moisture

If a house is built in a location like the bottom or side of a hill, there is a chance that water may collect on the sides or in the backyard. By installing a French drain, you can ensure that the water does not collect around your house and that it flows through the drain. The drain will move the water from the higher location (your house) to a lower location (the end location of the pipe).

Drainage Choice

Rather than let rain collect in areas in your yard and around your house, a French drain gives you a choice of where you would like the water to flow. Keep in mind, the place you choose to drain the water to must be lower in elevation than original location of the water. We usually stop the system on the inside edge of the sidewalk with a pop-up valve. The water runs down the sidewalk to the nearest downhill driveway and out to the street gutter.


A French drain is relatively inexpensive when compared to other drainage systems. Turn to a professional or use top-of-the-line building materials to create a drain that you only need to build once.


The basic simplicity of the French drain leads to a fairly quick installation. A professional that has installed French drains before will be able to build the drainage system within a couple of days. Other drain systems may take longer to complete and they may cause more havoc for your yard.

Let Captain Ron’s Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. give you a free estimate for a French drain to help with your water drainage problems.

Source: EHow



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