Increase the Value of Your Home With Landscaping

Spending money on your outdoor space can have a sweet payoff. One survey done before the housing bust showed that beautiful landscaping adds 5% to 11% to a property’s value. While you certainly won’t get that big of a price boost today, a great yard still helps sell a house faster, especially in this market, says Brookline, Mass., realtor Chobee Hoy. And if you’re staying put, it’ll make your life a lot prettier too.

The May issue of Money Magazine shows you how to approach managing your home’s landscaping using the same tools that you already use to manage your investment portfolio.

  • Start with a plan

You wouldn’t put money in a mutual fund without first figuring out your time horizon and risk tolerance.

  • Buy low, sell high

Cut your initial costs dramatically — without compromising the quality or sophistication of the landscaping — by buying small specimens.

  • Diversify

You know that a mix of investment types helps your portfolio weather market ups and downs.

  • Rebalance regularly

Twice-a-year rebalancing of your investments gets rid of dogs that may be dying and ensures that overgrown sectors don’t wind up dominating your holdings. Your yard requires the same regular attention.


Captain Ron’s Lawns can help you increase the value of your home with landscaping.

Request an estimate!


Check out Money Magazine for more info.

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