May Lawn Care


May is a great month to get full usage of our outdoor areas. The morning temps are nice and it has not yet become really hot in the afternoons. Continue to freely plant shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetables. Remember to put down a minimum of 2 inches of new mulch in all your beds. A good layer of mulch keeps the plant roots cooler, helps with weed control, and helps slow the water you apply from evaporating from the root zone.

Grass clippings should remain on your lawn, not at the landfill. Cities can levy fines of up to $2000 per occurrence for blowing grass clippings into the street, so be aware. These end up down stream and cause difficulty and expense with the city water systems.

Water your lawns less frequently and more deeply. Frequent short duration watering leads to shallow root systems. Less frequent, longer duration watering leads to deeper  root systems which are more healthy for your lawns. They will hold up better in the extreme heat. Our lawns need one inch of water per week. Put out a container with straight sides and catch the water as you irrigate, you can easily measure the result. Two watering times at ½ inch each are better than 4 times at ¼ inch, the water penetrates further and this will force the roots down to find it. Regular mowing is critical for good lawn health. Mow only the top 1/3 of the total length. Letting the grass grow long and then cutting off more than the 1/3 is damaging to the grass, and makes the mulching process less efficient and less attractive.

If you would like our help getting your lawn in shape for the summer please contact Captain Ron’s Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. and request an estimate. We offer a wide variety of services to get your lawn looking great. Just sit back with a glass of ice cold lemonade and let us do all the hard work for you!

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