5 Ways To Improve Your Curb Appeal Today

Want to improve your curb appeal? Captain Ron’s Lawns and Landscaping has put together a list of 5 quick ways to improve your curb appeal. You can do these things yourself or request an estimate and we can help you.

1. Trim ShrubsCaptain Ron's Lawns and Landscaping

Trim and shape your shrubs. You want your house, not your overgrown shrubs to be the focal point. Use the shrubbery and trees to frame the property, not hide it. Remove any branches that are touching the house or rubbing each other.

2. Add Color

Free standing flowering plants are the fastest way to add color and texture to your landscaping. Choose flower type based on your sunlight, shade and water restrictions. Container Gardens add a welcoming feel and colorful appeal quickly and affordably. You can buy ready-made containers from garden centers or create your own with your favorite plants. Window Boxes are another way to bring color and charm to your home exterior. Choose boxes made from copper or iron for a traditional look, or painted wood for a cottage feel. Mix and match flowers and plants to suit your lighting conditions and color scheme.

3. Install Tree Rings

Frame your trees by installing tree rings around the base of the tree.  Using either stacked stones or steel edging, tree rings are a quick way to add dimension and color to an otherwise bland lawn. You can then fill the rings with topsoil and add shade-tolerant plants.

4. Weed Beds & Add MulchCaptain Ron's Lawns and Landscaping

Get garden beds into shape by pruning growth, pulling weeds, and adding new mulch to restore color that was taken away by sunlight and harsh weather. Mulch holds in moisture and prevents weed growth, and makes beds easier to maintain. There are different looks that come with mulch. Wood mulch comes in different sizes and types of wood, it also comes dyed for a eye popping look. Stone, as mulch, will tend to bake your plants and is extremely hard to plant in.

5. Raise Tree Canopy

The tree canopy if too low, can block sun from getting to your lawn grass and cause it to decline. By removing the lower branches, you can raise the canopy of your tree. Just follow a left – to-center, and center-to-right arc. Raising your tree canopy will allow more sun to get to your grass, you can walk under it without getting hit in the head and the tree will look much better from the street. 

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