July Lawn Care


It’s Texas. It’s July. It’s HOT and DRY!!!

July heat will take its toll on our lawns, and everything in our lawns if we fail to use water properly. Water less frequently and deeper with each application. Our lawns need one inch of water per week. Do not water so much per application that it runs off into the street curbs, but do water as much as possible per each application. Put any straight-sided container out in the lawn, water for a specific period of time, and then simply measure the amount of water you caught in the container for that period of time. You now can figure an easy formula for the goal of 1 inch per week. Your lawn turf roots will seek a deeper soil level if you water longer with each application. Deeper roots will be healthier and less drought susceptible.

If your lawn turf is getting sparse under your trees, you might take at look at the following as a possible solution. Dead or damaged limbs in your trees are very visible right now. Remove them for a healthier and better looking tree. Raising the tree canopy will allow more sunlight to reach the lawn turf underneath. Raising the canopy means you simply remove the lower limbs from the tree trunk base upward to a point. This height varies with tree variety and it is basically up to your desires. After working on the canopy, you can work at thinning the tree. This involves removing the small diameter growths from each branch starting at the bottom limbs and working upward. Depending on the overall tree size you can remove these small growths out about 1/3 of the limb length from the main trunk. Removing all this will allow more light to get through to your soil. It also allows for an increase in air circulation through the tree, which is also a benefit to the tree. Removing part of the limbs at the drip line also allows more sun to the turf. Another option would be to construct a bed and plant ground cover (Asian Jasmine or English Ivy) as examples of shade loving plants.

This is a good month to remove rose bush branches that are sickly or dead. A light pruning now will increase your fall flower production. Get a good thick layer of mulch down in all your beds to help your flowers and shrubs survive the heat we all know is coming. Mulch helps to lessen water evaporation,  make weeding easier and improves the looks of your beds. It is easy to figure your needs. Most mulch comes in 2 cubic foot bags. Take the length of your bed times it width, multiply by .17 (2 inch depth of mulch), or by .25 (3 inch depth of mulch), and divide by 2 cubic feet per bag. The result is how many bags you need to buy. Your shrubs bases take up some space so you can subtract one or two bags and still get by fine. Example- your bed is 5 feet by 25 feet.   5x25x.17/2=10.6 bags, buy 10 and you’ll be just fine.


If we can help you, please give us a call or request a bid here.

May God Bless You and Yours.

Ron Kerwin
Captain Ron’s Lawns and Landscaping, Inc.
Watauga, TX

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