Keller Landscaping Service

Captain Ron’s Lawns can provide service to your Keller landscaping. A proper landscape design can help improve the landscape, the environment, and save time and money.  Some advantages of a proper design include creating a better environment for urban wildlife, decreased water usage, and fewer chemicals; thus, reducing the potential of polluting the water systems, and less time, energy, and money spent on upkeep.


keller landscaping


Common questions…

  • What plants should I grow?
  • How, when and where should I plant?
  • What kind of irrigation system should I use?
  • What type of soil do I have?

These are all questions we should ask ourselves when designing a landscape plan.  But how do we get the answers that are best suited for our area?  By learning about the climate in your region, the soil conditions, what type of plant material is best suited for your area, and what the kind of irrigation system that will meet your needs.

Step 1.  Get familiar with your City’s surrounding natural landscape.

  • Plant Hardiness Zone - Keller is in zone 7b, the average lowest temperature is 5 to 10F
    (-15 to -12C).  The National Gardening Association Web site can help locate what zone a certain zip code is in.  It will also tell you what plants are suitable for that zone.
  • Keller is located in the Cross Timbers Ecosystem (PDF), with the City being divided
    between The Eastern Cross Timbers and Grand Prairie (PDF).  View map (PDF) of Keller for a closer look.
  • Keller has many soil types.  They range from Clay, Clay Loam, Gravelly Clay Loam, Loam, and Fine Sandy Loam.  View map (PDF) for more indepth location.

Step 2.  Get familiar with your own yard.  Is it sunny, shady, flat or undulating?

  • Create a Plot plan and do a site analysis.  By visiting these Web sites, you will have a good foundation to start your landscaping project.
  • Get your Soil Tested, check out the soil testing link or ask your local landscaping store or nursery for more information.
  • Do you have questions about Irrigation?  If applicable, first check with your homeowner association for irrigation regulations.  Also, you may want to review the City’s Landscape and Irrigation Ordinance (PDF).  Lastly, stop by your local nursery or landscaping company for their input.

Step 3.  Planting and maintenance of your yard.


Are you interested in altering your Keller landscaping? Get started today- Check out the list of Keller Landscaping Service We Offer and Ask Captain Ron’s Lawns for a free estimate.

Source: City of Keller

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