Watauga Lawn Care

Watauga lawn care relies heavily on a proper watering schedule. The intense heat of the TX summer requires attention to your irrigation for the health of your lawn. Captain Ron’s Lawns provides lawn care service to Watauga.

To maintain the long-range integrity of our region’s water supply, the City of Watauga is joining other communities that obtain water from the City of Fort Worth in implementing mandatory water conservation measures.  Your cooperation and support plays a critical role in the success of our conservation efforts, and we appreciate your help and understanding.  Partnering together to conserve water will ensure us a continued secure water source for decades to come.

watauga lawn care


All Watauga water customers are expected to comply with the following mandatory year-round water conservation measures:

No Watering Between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Unless by Hand, Soaker Hose, or Drip Irrigation

  • Except for hand watering, the use of a drip irrigation system, and/or the use of soaker hoses, a person commits an offense if a person irrigates, waters, or causes or permits the irrigation or watering of any lawn or landscape located on premises owned, leased, or managed by that person between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Prevent Water Runoff

  • Do not allow substantial amounts of water to fall on impervious areas instead of a lawn or landscape, such that a constant stream overflows to the street or other drainage area.  Position sprinklers to avoid water runoff.  When cleaning your driveway, patio or deck, use a broom instead of a water hose.  While washing the car or truck, use a sponge and bucket.  Place a nozzle on the hose to stop the flow of water between rinsing.

Properly Maintain Sprinklers

  • All water customers are required to properly set and maintain sprinklers in a manner that prevents the waste of water.  Inspect sprinkler heads regularly to make sure none are missing, broken, leaking, clogged, pushed too far into the ground, or spraying in the wrong direction.

Rain and Freeze Sensors Required on New Irrigation Systems

  • The use of irrigation systems or other lawn or landscape watering devices during any form of precipitation is prohibited.  Rain and freeze sensors are required on all new irrigation systems.  The use of rain and freeze sensors will prevent over-watering and costly water line breaks.  Beginning September 1, 2006, all new single-family irrigation systems and new agricultural irrigation systems must be installed with rain and freeze sensors.  The City has required rain and freeze sensors on other irrigation systems since October 1999.


  • When a first violation is observed, the City of Watauga will educate the resident or business on the need for water conservation and may issue a warning as provided in Chapter 1; Section 1.110 of the Watauga Code of Ordinances.  When additional violations are observed at the same location, citations shall be issued with possible fines of from $250.00 to $2,000.00, and the possibility of water restricting devices installed to reduce the flow of water to the violator.

Recommended Watering Frequencies

The Texas AgriLIFE Extension Service recommends different lawn watering frequencies for each season.

Winter 1″ Every 15 to 20 Days
Spring 1″ Every 10 to 15 Days
Summer 1″ Every 5 to 7 Days
Fall 1″ Every 10 to 15 Days


Follow these guidelines in order to comply with Watauga city code. Ask Captain Ron’s Lawns for a free estimate to help you maintain your Watauga lawn care.

Questions regarding the City’s mandatory water conservation efforts may be directed to the Watauga Public Works Department at (817) 514-5851.  Additional mandatory water conservation measures may be put in place in the future in the event of a persistent drought.

Source: City of Watauga



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