North Texas Weeds

Homeowners wage a constant battle against North Texas weeds that compete with turf grass for water, sunlight and nutrients.

Here is a brief guide to North Texas weeds to look out for.


Type: Grassy annual

Size: To 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide
Where it grows: Lawn, landscape, and garden areas in sun or shade
Appearance: Grassy plant; grows roots anywhere the stem makes soil contact; seed heads spread out like four fingers.
Control: Mulch to prevent it or use a pre-emergence herbicide in lawns; pull plants by hand or spot-treat with a nonselective post-emergence herbicide.
Note: Each plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds.


Type: Grassy perennial
Size: 2 feet tall, 1 foot wide
Where it grows: Lawn, landscape, or garden areas with moist soil in sun or shade
Appearance: Shiny, grassy leaves; nutlike tubers on the root system.
Control: Mulch garden areas in spring to prevent it; pull plants by hand or spray with a post-emergence herbicide containing MSMA.


Type: Broadleaf perennial 
Size: 12 inches tall, 6 – 16 inches wide
Where it grows: Lawns and gardens in sun or shade
Appearance: Strong taproot; leaves are deeply notched. Yellow flowers mature to puffballs.
Control: Mulch to prevent it in gardens; pull plants by hand or use a post-emergence herbicide in lawns.

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A Complete Weed Identification Guide
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