February Lawn Care


With the mild winter we’ve had, many homes need mowing service now. Please don’t let the yard get overgrown. Call or e-mail the office and we’ll get by and get the property mowed. Overgrown lawns and/or leaf cleanups take the crew longer and we have to adjust the cost of that service accordingly.

We here at Captain Ron’s Lawns are so excited to present our 1st customer contest!

We LOVE our customers so much that we decided that February is the perfect month to reward our loyal customers with up to $500 worth of free landscaping services.* Answer a few quick questions HERE and you will be entered to win. The deadline to enter is February 15th. Captain Ron will choose a random winner to receive up to $500 worth of free landscaping services.* Thank you so much for your loyalty and good luck!

This month is a good month to plan those flower/shrub beds about which you may have been procrastinating.

  • After designing on paper, form their borders in the lawn with a garden hose to get a better idea of the actual shape and size.
  • Replacing dead shrubs from last year’s drought may be on your list of things to have done. Native Texas shrubs may handle the heat/lack of water better than what you had before. We can help you with that selection and plant replacement. Now is a good time to plant the shrubs, the roots will have time to spread a bit prior to our summer heat.
  • Top your beds with a good layer of mulch, 2-4 inches minimum. Mulch helps with weed control. It slows water evaporation and it just makes the beds look a lot better.
  • After Valentines Day is a good time to prune your bush roses.
  • This is a good month to plant roses. Make sure you keep the graft onion (the base of the stems) about 2 inches above ground level.
  • In your current beds, eliminate the weeds, turn the soil, add organic materials and blend it in to a depth of several inches. This will prepare it for spring flower planting.

Pre-emergent can be applied. Pre-emergent means that it must be applied before the weed germinates. It prevents germination of the seed. Once the weed is visible, it is too late to apply a pre-emergent. Post emergent chemical controls will work after you see the weeds.

If you have your crape myrtles pruned don’t procrastinate, now is the time. Crapes bloom on the current year’s new growth. Some authorities say never prune crapes, others say it is OK. It is your choice.

Some projects to consider for your property in the early spring:

  1. Do you need a French drain system to keep your property drained? The spring heavy rains WILL come, and time is in short supply once spring hits in March.
  2. Would you like a retaining wall to get more usable space in your yard?
  3. Do your curb trees need limbs removed so cars can park and people can use the sidewalk?
  4. Do other trees need canopies raised or thinned out? Do shrubs need trimming?
  5. Would you like to change the looks of your landscaping?
    • New or redesigned beds installed– new shrubs and or trees planted
    • New bed edging, steel, natural stone, paverstone—new mulch
    • Additional patio space with patio stones, square blocks etc.
    • Create a new outdoor enjoyment area from scratch

If we can help you, please give us a call.
May God Bless you and yours.

Ron & Debbie Kerwin, Owners
Captain Ron’s Lawns and Landscaping, Inc.

*Captain Ron will provide the contest winner with an estimate for one landscaping project of your choice. The estimate will include materials + labor. The winner will receive a credit of up to $500 towards the estimate for the one chosen landscaping service.


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