April 2012 Lawn Care

Captain Ron's Lawns

We appreciate the business we get from each and every one of you. If you are a mowing or landscaping customer and you would like the crews to approach some facet of your job differently, please e-mail me or call the office. We want you to be happy customers.  We make mistakes, but we do strive to minimize them and learn from them.

Frost possibilities are gone. It is time to get outside and plant those flowers and vegetables. Everybody that enjoys yard work loves this month. Avoid the big crowds at the nurseries by shopping in the evening after work. The weekend warriors will be out in force this month and long lines in the garden centers are inevitable.

Last year’s drought has played havoc on many yards. We have encountered dead shrubs, dead grass, even dead trees on a lot of customer properties. Water restrictions are the probable cause. We can help you replace them with more drought tolerant plants than you may have had before. Native Texas plants will need less water and are more naturally adapted to our heat. Creating more beds, thereby reducing grass turf space may also help you out.

How do we handle rain days?

  • We have built our business on reliable and quality service. But rain does cause delays. If it rains on Tuesday and we cannot work, we do not just forget Tuesday customers. If we can work on Wednesday, we will have all workers on mowing work (no landscaping) until we get caught back up. It may take two days to catch up from one rain day but we’ll get there. Rarely will we have to skip a customer until the next week. It has happened, but very rarely. The crew will work Saturday mowing Friday customers if need be. You could help us by leaving gates unlocked until we get there and also NOT watering. If it just rained enough that we could not work a day, your lawn does not need the extra water anyway.
  •  Please do not have your irrigations system set to go on the night before or the day of our regular mowing service day. That would be a great help.


You may be facing new things in your lawns and gardens and have questions. A great source for answers is the Texas Cooperative Extension Office in downtown Ft. Worth.

The office is staffed with volunteer Tarrant County Master Gardeners (like me). They have available to them the recourses of Texas A&M. They have volumes of publications ranging in subject matter from a to z- you would be surprised. They will be happy to send you these publications at no charge. You can reach them at 817-884-1944.



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  1. Laura Miller April 12, 2012 7:38 AM

    Thanks for mentioning Texas AgriLife Extension (Texas Cooperative Extension) and for recommending our informational resources.

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