June 2012 Lawn Care Tips


June Landscaping Captain Ron's Lawns

We really want to thank you, our incredible customers for your vote of confidence, trust and for your business. That said, I want to try to ensure that you are getting the service you want and expect. I am asking for your input, good or bad on our mowing crews’ work performance. Is there anything that you would you like them to do more, or less, of? Is there anything you would like changed? We have a policy manual that we give to each crew member that specifies Captain Ron’s proper service procedures, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Our training manual means nothing if you are not happy with our service. Is there anything we can do to make you happier in order to keep you as a long- term customer?  You can contact me by e-mail at captronlwn@aol.com, by office phone at 817-485-7890, or you can drop a note in the envelope with your bill payment. I really would appreciate your feedback.

  • There are usually questions about using irrigation systems that come up at this time of year. Bermuda or St. Augustine grasses need 1 inch of water per week minimum to live and do well. If God doesn’t give it to us, your irrigation system needs to. The best condition would be to have fewer applications for longer duration (short of water runoff).  Deeper watering means deeper roots and healthier grass.
  • Set a straight-sided container in your yard. Let your irrigation system run through one cycle as you have it set now. Put a ruler in the can and measure the depth of the water. Multiply that by how many cycles you run in a 7-day period and you will know how much water you are applying.
  • Grass also needs sun to live. Bermuda has the highest light requirement at 8 hours per day. St. Augustine only needs 4 hours. Many areas had Bermuda planted and for years it did well. Then it began to decline.  It declined just about in proportion to the trees getting taller, wider and blocking out the sun to the ground. Sometimes raising the tree canopy (the distance off the ground up the main trunk to the 1st set of limbs) will help get more sun to the turf and make it safer for people to walk or park under the tree.  Sometimes trimming the dripline (the furthest ends of the lower limbs) will help too. In most cases, we can help you with either of these projects.
  • Trim your spring flowering shrubs now and then leave them alone. Your Indian Hawthornes and other spring flowering shrubs are done blooming. Now is the time to trim them back. After you do this, do not trim them again until after they bloom next spring. Trimming them later in the year may result in your removing the flower bud heads for next year. We can help you with these projects also.
  • It is getting hotter out; try to plan your outdoor activities for early morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day. Make sure you drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, preferably water, to keep from becoming dehydrated.


We have many properties that we weed the flower/shrub beds monthly and/or trim shrubs monthly or quarterly. Your property can easily be added to either or both lists. It is getting hotter and we’d be happy to help you out.


We still get calls asking if we do landscape work.

Yes we do! We invite you all to visit our website and browse around for a while. There are many before/after pictures of our actual work.

Check out our Before & After gallery to see a sample of our completed projects and to get some ideas for your own home landscaping!

If we can help you, please give us a call. 



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