1. I have a tiny yard. It should definitely be the minimum charge to mow it.

Answer: Even though your yard is small, your pool, trees,  flowerbeds or jungle gym take time to weedeat around. And it actually takes more time to carefully weedeat than to mow. Size is just one factor in cost.  No matter the square footage of actual grass we take pride in our work and treat every yard with the same amount of attention and care.

2. Why isn’t the crew pulling the weeds in my beds?

Answer: They weren’t told to. Weeding beds is not part of our regular mowing chargesas stated in your original e-mail quote. We would be happy to weed your beds for you monthly, or at every service call at your request.  As this takes additional time on property, there woudl be an additional extra charge.

3. I want my grass clipping bagged. Do you do that?

Answer: Simply, no. We mow with mulching mowers. Bagging clippings takes up quite a bit of time, which would increase our time on your property resulting in a significant raise in your charge. It is also better for your lawn if the lawn clippings are left on the lawn. The Texas Extesion office has a “Don’t Bag It” program 817-884-1944 for more details. Our landfills do not need to be filled with clippings that should remain on the lawns.

4. There are too many clippings on my lawn after it has been mowed.

Answer: If you are on our every other week service schedule and feel that there are too many clippings on your lawn after it is mowed, that is a sign that your lawn is getting quite high in between mowings and you should consider switching to weekly service. If you feel that there are too many clippings on your lawn after a weekly service call, then perhaps you should turn the dial back on your irrigation system or stop feeding your lawn some much fertilizer. One inch of water per week will suffice to keep a healthy lawn.

5. I have dogs. Do I have to clean up their droppings before you come to mow?

Answer: We here at Captain Ron’s Lawns are dog lovers! We would love to smile at your adorable pup as they follow us around as we perform excellent mowing and landscaping services at your home. But dogs chase equipment sometimes and could be injured. For the safety of your dogs, it is best to keep them inside while we service your property. We also ask that you have your dog’s “gifts” picked up prior to our arrival.

6. We have a trampoline/hammock/table and chair set in the backyard. Can your crew move them in order to mow instead of just mowing around them?

Answer: Sorry, but no. We respect the value of your property and do not want to break anything. During our visits we prefer not to move your belongings. If it’s there, we’re going to mow around it. Our crews are healthy and very able bodied, but we also prefer to not ask them to pick up anything we could break or they could hurt themselves with. We do not want them to sustain any injuries that would restrict them from performing their regular work duties. We do, on occasion, move small things like waterhoses out of the way, but we can’t guarantee that our crew member will always spot them before our mower does.

7. Can you trim our shrubs?

Answer: Sure we can. We cannot however, shape your round shrub into a spiral or make your square hedge look like a Christmas tree. We are good at what we do, but we are not magicians.

8. Why do you charge tax on your services?

Answer: Because the state of Texas requires us to.