The Captain & The Lorax are rewarding one of our loyal customers with a FREE TREE OR SHRUB!*

The Captain & The Lorax

And the trees of North Texas were abundant and lush,
The drought of ’11 turned our tall trees to brush.
Captain Ron’s Lawns has arrived at the scene
To rescue your trees and to make your smile gleam!

Captain Ron Cares About You & Your Shrubs & Trees


The Captain & The Lorax want to give one of our loyal customers 1 free tree or up to 3 free shrubs.*

Take a cue from Dr. Suess and write your best Lorax inspired verse- It can be serious or silly, the only rule is that you must mention trees or shrubs.

Submit your verse by Monday March 26. We will post the verses on our site to be voted on. The last day of voting will be Sunday April 1. The winning verse will be announced on April 2 and awarded 1 free tree or up to 3 free shrubs.*

*Quantity of 1–15 gallon container size Standard Crape Myrtle or Bradford Pear.
*Quantity of 3–3 gallon container size, pick one type of plant from the following list:
Knockout Rose, Nandina, Texas Sage, Loropetalum or Holly. (You can mix/or match these.)
The Captain will buy it, Deliver it and Plant it.